Gyptian Reportedly Caught In Love Triangle After Another Woman Breaks Silence


Gyptian’s hands are full as the Reggae star is caught in a messy love triangle.

The ‘Hold You’ singer went viral earlier this week after photos surfaced with his longtime girlfriend. Social media users quickly labelled the former VP records artist as a sellout after discovering he was dating a caucasian woman.

According to some users Gyptian has joined the growing list of Dancehall/Reggae artists selling out the Jamaican women for foreigners.

However while that story continues to make rounds online, another woman has allegedly stepped forward claiming she’s also in a relationship Gyptian.

According to sources close to the singer, Gyptian has been dating both women for years now however while his team is tight-lipped on the situations, several fans say the story could be true.

Source: The Tropixs

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