Morgan Heritage Announces Cannabis Delivery Service


The name Morgan is historically synonymous with generational reggae music, and prestigious accolades such as the coveted Grammy for Best Reggae Album. However, it was also much publicized when in 2011 the patriarch of the family made international news stemming from a marijuana arrest.

The case against the reggae star was eventually dismissed, but to the close knit Royal Family of Reggae, the event fueled their motivation to get into the legal marijuana industry. The aforementioned manifested as the culture driven band, have not only lent their voice to the future FedEx of the Marijuana industry, but also announced its HIPAA compliant marijuana delivery service partnership with Proper Rx (

With all the medical marijuana dispensaries in the Bay Area it seems impossible that every patient does not have a club close to the neighborhood in which he/she lives. It occurred to the founders of Proper Rx that there are a group of patients who do not have cars, are too ill to leave their homes, or handicapped. For whatever reason, these patients who are in need are unable to leave their homes. Regardless of the large number of cannabis clinics in the Bay Area, this fact still leaves these particular patients marginalized with unequal access to their medical marijuana medication. Proper Rx Collective was formed to change that. With the intent of providing door-to-door medical cannabis delivery, in 2010 Proper Rx opened its “car” doors to all patients, especially the sick, terminally ill, and handicapped. Proper Rx services include “consultation to determine course of treatment,” “safe and secure delivery,” and “follow up consultation to adjust the initial course of treatment as patient progresses.”

Mojo Morgan from the band explains, “We have signed on as a shareholder in an effort to take an amazing local business from Oakland, CA, across the state and subsequently across the country in states where medical Marijuana is legal. Last year I was sent by the Group to spend 2 weeks with the Proper Rx owner Elliott Marshall and his staff to truly understand what they do. I quickly realized that the services they were rendering far exceeded the recreational use of Marijuana. As members of a large family and as parents in our own right, we jumped at the opportunity to make the world know about how this thriving entrepreneurial effort was changing lives via a safe and secure HIPAA compliant delivery service. To my surprise, they were treating patients with a wide array of ailments, ranging from Cancer to Epilepsy to Chronic Pain and Migraines. Proper Rx through several years of research has successfully gathered the data to be able to create proper treatments for a vast amount of illnesses in adults and children alike. After just one week I told Elliott that he has brilliantly discovered the future FedEx of the Marijuana industry and we just want to lend our voices to make people aware of the great work Proper Rx was doing in Oakland, CA and help to bring their services to medically needy patients across the country.”

Testimonials for Proper Rx are abundant and glowing including:

“Great experience for a first time delivery. Several complimentary goodies we’re added to my order but most of all they had a fast turn time and every time I called they were quick to answer with a team member happily assisting me. Definitely will be reordering with ProperRx in the future.”- Jacqueline S. (Pleasanton, CA)

“This probably my favorite dispensary in the Bay area since I first found out about them. I have placed about half a dozen orders & have never been disappointed with the quality of their product. I look forward to placing many more orders & referring my friends. KEEP ROCKING PROPER RX!” – N. Reyes (San Francisco, CA)

Morgan Heritage just dropped their new studio album Avrakedabra in May and sold out shows through their European and African tour. By release day, the album was already in the top 3 iTunes Reggae chart in over eight countries! The album, considered their best work to date, hosts some heavyweight featured appearances, including Mr. Talkbox, the famed computerized voice featured on Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic,” Kabaka Pyramid and Dre Island leading the front for the younger generation, as well as Stephen and Ziggy Marley, who also lend their talents to the collaborative mix. GRAMMY, Emmy, and Dove Award-winning super producer Shannon Sanders guides the Group’s vision behind the mixing console.

With placements in world-class publications such as Billboard, Huffington Post, and Yahoo! Music, major critical acclaim continues to build for the release.

“Avrakedabra is one heck of an album! Great harmonies, excellent arrangements and beau coup outstanding reggae tunes. After winning a Grammy, it’s difficult to surpass expectations. But Morgan Heritage pulled it off. This album is even better than the last.” – Huffington Post

“Nearly 40 years after Marley has left the building, the reggae mantle has passed through the arch to this new generation that just plain scorches. A smoking reggae crew that has already hit it out of the park ups their game and comes in with a hotter, tighter set that owns contemporary reggae, no disrespect to Marley (whose kids show up here as well). There’s a lot of good modern reggae out there these days, but this is the gold standard.” – Midwest Record.

Source: The Tropixs

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