Migos and Chris Brown Involved in Confrontation at 2017 BET Awards After-Party


Things got tense between Chris Brown and Migos at a BET Awards after-party on Sunday.

According to TMZ, it happened after Brown premiered a video for the song ‘Pie’that he has with Future. At some point, Migos walked into the event and came face-to-face with the singer’s crew, and that’s when tempers flared.

Based on one witnesses’ account, a person in Brown’s entourage shoved Quavo, which made the other Migos members react. Then one of the rappers got punched by someone in Chris’ crew.

After that, Chris walked to his car and was surrounded by Migos and their squad but got away without being touched.

All of this likely stems from the reports that Quavo was dating Karrueche Tran, Breezy’s ex. Chris is said to be “livid” about the ATL rapper being with his former flame, especially since they used to be friends.

Source: HipHopEarly

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