Adele Breaks her Swearing Record during Wembley gig


Adele turned the air blue on the first date of her Wembley Finale gigs — by swearing 56 times.

The potty-mouthed star let go 44 f****, seven sts and a b*****d in front of a record 98,000 audience. Fans were also treated to an arse, a p*ss, a dk and a t*ts.

It eclipsed her previous swearing record of 33, clocked up at Glastonbury Festival last year.

The superstar, 29, began as she meant to go on when she nervously greeted the audience.

She told them: “F*** me, I’ve never been so fing scared in all of my fing life.”

The Londoner added: “I don’t know how to get my fing nerves out. I’m shing myself.”

“Are you ready to have a good time with me? Well, tough f*ing st. It’s a f***ing miserable show.”

In an anecdote on being nipped by insects at a New Zealand gig, she said: “My stage was invaded by bugs I have never seen in my f***ing life. One b*****d got into my boot and was sucking on my blood.”

She later told fans she had mistaken large bags of popcorn being sold at the gig for “naked sex dolls”.

She said to the crowd: “It looks like that from the corner of your eye.”

She also put the mic between her breasts as she fired a T-shirt gun at the audience.

She said: “I’m sticking my mic in my t*ts so I can hold this.”

The All I Ask star also joked that a smell of cannabis wafting from the crowd made her “look a bit cooler than I actually am”.

But she went on: “Although in real life I am f***ing cool.”

Wednesday’s gig was the first of four at the London venue.

Source: The Sun

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