Prince Marni & Inhalemee Reportedly Called It Quits On Their Relationship


Social media is buzzing with reports of Prince Marni & Inhalemee ending their longtime relationship.

News of their breakup started circulating on Wednesday after the two unfollowed each other on Instagram. The Trinidadian dancer, real name Denisha Burton, later made a cryptic post hinting that he cheated “Wanna have your cake and eat it to not with me boo ✌🏾 #SelfLove#LadiesRespectYourself 🎂 ❣️✨.”

However according to the Jamaican comedian, real name Anthony Grant, that wasn’t the case. Marni who is known for his raunchy female character Suzan, says he dumped Denisha due to “her own personal issues” which he won’t disclose.

Grant also warned her fans to stop making negative comments on his Instagram account or he will be blocking them from his page. He later deleted his video.

Source: The Tropixs

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