Spice Under Attack For Buying Jaguar Jeep But Allegedly Not Paying Dancers


Dancehall artist Spice has acquired a brand new Jaguar F-PACE SUV following her successful ‘Indicator’ tour in Europe.

 The ‘Queen of Stage’ was stopped in the pricey whip which is around US $50,000- $63,000 by Outspoken Dancehall selector-turn-producer Foota Hype on Monday.

“Dem ago obeah Spice u a go too hard, Foota captioned a video. “Love and hip hop + sumfest + dah jaguar jeep yah u lick dem kill dem lol gwaan dweet claaat dem. However while many have since congratulated the ‘Needle Eye’ deejay on her purchase, several users on social media have blasted Spice saying she should pay her Team Spice dancers before splurging some much cash.

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#Spice cops new #Jaguar F-PACE SUV 🔴♥️

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“Ok that’s nice but what did your dancers get?,” one users on Instagram questioned.

“Spice is spending all that cash but her dancers are sharing a one bedroom apartment….,” another user wrote, “It don’t look good 10 people inna one bedroom… it’s a shame,” they added.

“When I told one of those bare foot dancers to get a life and go find a job… Spice comment and said when they come off tour… she will be able to buy her own house. Tour done… poverty buck… dead fi hungry increase.”

“Grace [Spice] ah teach her kids decency and teach our kids fi skin out and take man under sheet. And have these girl in the middle road dancing bare foot with little compensation.”

“…d only one Mi see winning is spice….smh not even good clothes Mi nuh see d Gyal dem wearing den hair always look like a dem do it smh while she rocks Gucci all Inna yard,” another wrote.

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