Reggae Sumfest Address Tommy Lee Sparta claims of Sabotage by Alkaline & Mavado


Reggae Sumfest organizers have denied allegations that Alkaline and Mavado extended their set to sabotage Tommy Lee Sparta’s performance.

The “Psycho” deejay had sensationally claimed that the duo had intentionally tried to delay their performance in order to prevent or shorten his highly anticipated closing set on Dancehall Night of the annual Reggae festival.

The Sparta deejay told fans during his performance that “Mi see some bwoy a try wul out the show” before launching into the Alkaline diss track “Not A Badness”.

Festival organizers have however since disputed the claims, stating that Mavado and Alkaline both performed according to their allotted times, and that the unfortunate delays were actually due to other factors such as band changes.

According to senior festival board member, Robert Russell, no artist can simply decide to extend their performance times, as stage managers are employed to oversee exactly those types of situations.

Tommy Lee Sparta managed to give a memorable 8 minute set to close the show, despite his limited time on stage, prompting organizers and fans to call the staging one of the best in years.

Source: Tropixs

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