This is What the Dirtiest Apartment in the World Looks Like


It’s nearly impossible to maintain a clean dorm room or apartment in college.

You don’t have maid service. You’re too busy studying or partying to wash every dish. You eat many things that involve melted cheese that drips off your plate and on to the floor.

If you’re a student, you probably live in some kind of squalor.

But it’s time to meet Brittani Cooper, a 19-year old from Great Britain who lives in totaland complete squalor.

Earlier this year, Cooper’s dad entered her into the country’s Dirtiest College Apartment contest … and she won!

How did Brittanti capture the $640 top prize? By never even attempting to put away a single pot, pan or article of clothing.

See what we mean in the nauseating photos below…

1. This is Brittani

This is Brittani

She doesn’t look like someone whose home is an embarrassing mess, does she?

2. But Looks Can Be Deceiving

But Looks Can Be Deceiving
This is her kitchen counter, for example.

3. So…Much…Pizza

So few places to dispose of the empty bozes, apparently.

4. The Living Room

The Living Room
Good luck finding the remote in here. Or anything, really.

5. Nice Table

Nice Table
Maybe try putting the chairs around it in the future?

6. She Wins!

She Wins!
“He sent me the link to the article as a joke because he knew that my housemates and I didn’t exactly keep our flat the tidiest during the past year,” Brittani says of her father and the contest. “I decided it was worth entering with some images of our very messy kitchen, and now I’m so happy I did.”

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