Miley Cyrus Reveals a Little Too Much in Topless Selfie From Her Bed


Miley Cyrus may have stopped smoking weed, but she’s still all about those naked selfies in bed.

The “Malibu” singer revealed a little too much when she snapped her latest masterpiece, accidentally flashing her nipple while taking a topless photo of her snuggling with her dogs. She covered up the nip slip with a flower sticker when she shared the picture on Instagram.

In the shot, the 24-year-old is seen cuddling up next to her Shetland sheepdog, Emu, while pooches Dora and Mary take a nap nearby.

Last month, Cyrus shared a similiar photo — sans boob — in bed. Also naked in bed with her dogs, the former Disney Channel star wrote, “Why would I wanna get outta bed when I could cuddle MJ all day!”



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