Chris Brown Flirts With Rihanna on Instagram; Internet Loses Its Mind


Rihanna is currently in Barbados for the nation’s famous Crop Over festival, which means she’s posting photos that might give you some seriously mixed emotions.

They’re sweet, because Rihanna is wearing very little clothing, which is always a good thing.

But they’re a little bitter, because Rihanna’s summer, Instagram page, and life are all about 40,000% cooler than ours.

Rihanna at Crop Over

Anyway, for reasons that should be obvious, RiRi’s pics are attracting a ton of attention online.

And in some ways, the stars are just like us!

Ya know how you always get an unwanted comment from that one creepy ex when you post a bikini selfie?

Well, so does Rihanna!

Of course, in her case, the comment is one of tens of thousands, and the ex is even creepier than yours!

As you’re likely aware, Rihanna once dated Chris Brown, and the relationship ended in a revolting act of violence.
Chris Brown IG Comment

So fans were more than a little disgusted to see that Brown had decided to offer his two cents on Rihanna’s epic Crop Over get-up.

Remarkably, Brown and Rihanna have remained on speaking terms, but she probably wasn’t thrilled by his dumb googly eyes emoji comment, and fans were downright nauseated.

“Leave her alone!!” wrote one fan.

“Stay away from her, I hate you,” commented another.

On Twitter, some fans went so far as to argue that Brown commenting on his ex’s photos constitutes further abuse:

“Chris Brown is a poster child of abuse in every sense of the word,” tweeted one user.

“Chris Brown needs to cease and desist,” another wrote.

Rihanna in Barbados

For her part, Rihanna has yet to comment on the situation, and it seems unlikely that she ever will.

 In a sense, her handling of the situation offers a teachable moment to fans.

If you’re on vacation on a sun-soaked island and your douchey, abusive ex starts begging for attention, just completely ignore his ass and get back to your margarita.

Or report him and try to get him deleted.

Either approach is acceptable.


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