Cop’s 2-y-o son dead after accidental shooting, car crash in Portmore


A policeman’s child is dead after what appears to be a freak accident Thursday night.
The deceased has been identified as two-year-old Almando McLean Jr, whose father is assigned to the Mobile Reserve.

Reports are that the policeman had fallen asleep next to his son at  Portmore, St Catherine home. When he woke up, the lawman reportedly saw Almando Jr with his licensed firearm.

While the cop was in the process of retrieving the gun from his son, the firearm reportedly went off hitting the child in the neck.

The tragic situation escalated when the cop reportedly crashed his private motor car into the rear of another vehicle, at a section of the Old Braeton main road, while transporting his injured son to the Spanish Town Hospital.

The boy reportedly sustained head injuries and he and his father were assisted to the hospital, where the child was pronounced dead.

The police are investigating.

Source: JammediaOne

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