VIDEO: Dramatic Police Chase in Kingston Ends in Crash; Suspect Flees


Police are searching for a man who led a team of officers on a high speed chase along South Camp Road in Kingston on Thursday afternoon.

 The chase ended with the gold Suzuki Vitara SUV crashing into an oncoming car, and the suspected driver fleeing the scene on foot and leaving behind several people aboard the vehicle, including traumatized women and children.

Reports reaching Loop News are that, at about 12:30 pm, police saw the vehicle, with at least seven people aboard, and signaled the driver to stop.

However, the driver reportedly disobeyed the cops’ orders and sped off, leading the law enforcement officers on a high speed chase.

“All now me still a try come to grips with what took place,” one alleged eyewitness told Loop News.

“I was travelling along the road when I heard several shots … when I looked in my rear view mirror I saw a gold Suzuki vehicle speeding down the road with a police vehicle in hot pursuit,” the man said.

 High Speed Chase On South Camp
 The motorist added that he was forced to pull over to the side of the road to give way.

“As soon as I gave way, I saw the vehicle speed pass and the team of police following closely behind. Minutes later, I heard more shots ring out,” the frightened motorist said.

The suspect, according to reports, would later turn on to North Street, but would not get far as he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the side of a car.

Alleged eyewitnesses said the man then fled the vehicle and ran into a nearby community, before the police arrived on the scene minutes later.

The police have not yet stated what caused the chase.

More details to come as Loop continues to track this story.



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