Monique Clarke, Woman Set on fire by Boyfriend Dies


Monique Clarke, a 44-year-old resident of Biabou who was set alight by her boyfriend in the early morning hours of Sunday August 13th, has died.

Her boyfriend Pedro Ashton, who was initially charged with intent to commit murder, may very well be looking at new charges for her death.

Clarke who reportedly did not give in to a set of demands by Ashton was set alight while in bed, this following an earlier social event, to which it was reported that Ashton was intoxicated.

The woman who felt the burning about her body managed to flee the house and arrived at the Biabou police Station where she collapsed.

According to the victim’s sister, both the police station and district clinic were met shut. The announcement of Clarke’s death was made by her sister Iesha Richardson this morning via Facebook.

Source: News784


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