Kim Wall, Headless body identified as missing journalist


A headless torso found in waters off Denmark has been identified as missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, Danish police say.

DNA from the torso matched that from Ms Wall’s hairbrush and toothbrush.

Chief investigator Jens Moller Jensen said that the torso had been weighted down with metal in an apparent attempt to stop it floating.

Ms Wall was last seen alive on 10 August as she departed on a submarine trip with inventor Peter Madsen.

The submarine sank hours after the search for Ms Wall began, after her partner reported that she had not returned from the trip. Mr Madsen, who designed and built the submarine, was charged with negligent manslaughter.

He initially said he had dropped her off safely near Copenhagen, but has since said she died in an accident and that he had “buried” her at sea.

Source: BBC

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