Instagram now lets you post landscape and portrait photo albums


Instagram now lets you post photo albums with landscape and portrait pictures. Since the feature was introduced in February, you’ve only been able to post square-format photos — very old-school Instagram. But now, you’ll be able to post pictures in the format of your choosing, rather than cropping down to a square.

The downside is that it seems like you’ll still have to choose one photo format and then stick with it — from the sound of it, you won’t be able to create an album with landscape and square or portrait photos.

Still, it’s a good change. I really enjoy posting portrait photos on Instagram, since they look great taking up the entire screen. But posting multiple in a row is pretty annoying (again, since they take up the entire screen), so I’m glad Instagram will now let me post several at once.

As before, you’ll be able to post up to 10 photos in a single album.

Source: The Verge

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