100 prisoners who escaped during Irma recaptured


More than 100 criminals who broke out of Her Majesty’s Prison, Balsam Ghut last week have been captured

Governor Augustus Jaspert said the escapees were round up during an operation last week.

“[Last Thursday), an operation run by the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands police officers, alongside the British Royal Marines and police, resulted in the capture of escaped criminals from the Balsam Ghut prison,” said the governor, who did not disclose the exact number captured or those still on the run.

“The Government of the British Virgin Islands is extremely grateful to the police and military personnel for their tireless efforts, which have today resulted in a thorough and extremely successful operation.”

Jaspert added that the success signals a huge step in Government’s efforts to rebuild the territory.

He also expressed gratitude to the United Kingdom and Cayman Islands governments for their provision of contingents of security personnel to bolster security efforts in the territory and restore law and order.

The prisoners escaped from Her Majesty’s prison after a section of the facility was damaged during the passage of Hurricane Irma last week.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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