Police Investigating Two Attacks in the New Montrose Area


The police here are investigating the apparent adduction of a 6-year old girl from the New Montrose area on Tuesday night.

Reports are that the child was asleep with two other siblings and when the mother went to make a check on them, she discovered that her 6-year old was missing.

The mother then raised the alarm in the community, and persons in the neighbourhood conducted a search.

The child was reportedly discovered in a towel coming from an abandoned building near the Faith Temple Church.

She was taken to the hospital for examination and after several checks it was noted that she was not harmed physically.

Police are also investigating the assault of a 20-year old mother also of New Montrose.

Reports are that the young mother was coming from the hospital with her 3-year old daughter when a masked attacker took away the child’s lunch bag. When he realized that it was empty, he flung it back at the mother, pushed her down and began beating her with a cane.

The young mother reportedly sheltered her child from the blows inflicted by her attacker who then demanded her cell phone.

Neighbors were alerted by the mother and the police were called to the scene.

The mother sustained minor injuries and her 3-year old child was unharmed.

Source: SVG-TV

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