Chronixx Disappoints Rastafarian Community in Viral Video


Chronixx got some cool points from Dancehall fans over the weekend when a video surfaced online showing the Reggae superstar singing Dancehall artist Aidonia’s smash hit single “Yeah Yeah”.

As the clip continues to make rounds online, the “Likes” singer has unfortunately found himself in hot water with the Rastafarian community. After viewing the clip which shows Chronixx deejaying the summer banger backstage during his tour, many a Reggae fans say they’re disappointed.

“Smh, same thing him sing bout him a do,” one fan said. “Clearly him a deejay the Aidonia tune fi get likes, that’s not cool ano dat we know Chronixx fi do.”

However while several members of the Rastafarian community say the intent of the video was harmless and just pure fun, many found issue with the singer using a expletive in the clip. “It was all fun and games until him curse bad word inna the video eno rasta, dat nuh look right fi a yute like Chronixx,” sources said.

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