Video: H.E.R. – ‘Every Kind of Way’


H.E.R. unveils the video for “Every Kind of Way,” a standout cut from the recently-released H.E.R. Vol. 2 EP.

The whimsical visual is soundtracked by the airy track. Its soothing instrumental and H.E.R.’s harmonies blend with images of her laying in bed with a lover. “I want to take my time all night,” she sings. “I want to love you in every kind of way.”

After showering and making out, the clip continues with a day at the arcade, where neon lights surround the loving couple. Through it all, H.E.R. maintains her anonymous mystique. At the end, she turns around while strolling through Chinatown, but before her face is seen, the video fades to black.

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