Beenie Man Hits Back At Spice And Her Fans


Beenie Man is hitting back at Spice and her fans after they called him out over his recent Onstage TV interview.

Over the weekend the “King Of Dancehall” spoke with Winford Williams about who is the real “Queen Of Dancehall” when he stated that she is Marion Hall (Lady Saw) who is now baptised.

“The Queen of Dancehall, Marion Hall is baptised, so i am here to see the next queen to come,” he said. Speaking on Spice getting the title, The Doc. said while the “Needle Eye” deejay stepped up her work ethic to claim the throne, that’s not how you become a queen.

“If yuh guh tek Lady Saw crown, you affi do weh Lady Saw do! no disrespect,” Beenie said. “You can’t do less work and……” Beenie however agreed that Spice is now the designated queen or queen-elect but not the queen.

On Sunday, Spice took to Instagram to blast Beenie Man over his statement, saying the “Rasta Man” is just upset because she says Vybz Kartel is the “King Of Dancehall”.

“[The] Rasta man vex true mi say a Kartel a the king a dancehall. Smh Veterans want to be praised for paving the way but still never want to let go or embrace the New artiste,” she wrote.

“You [Beenie Man] crowned yourself king when yellow man was really the king and then over the years you were found fit after repeatedly self proclaiming it. Unlike bounty killer who highlighted so many dancehall careers what did you ever do for dancehall after so many years as the “KING” Not even a one girl yu never buss as a dancer much less not even your own daughter a Ding Dong haffie dweet Kmt.”

“Saw left a huge shoe to fill and no female will fill it overnight. Nothing is wrong with your sentence “The Queen got baptized” we all know that, but you also do know that the king is incarcerated right ?,” Spice continued.

“A it a Bun u baad 🤣🤣🤣that’s y mi love dah song yah wid Yu X wife wooiiee a weeeak🤣🤣🤣 “me nah no worries a god a deal wid everything” St. Vincent thanks for a great night, Grenada 🇬🇩 your next this weekend , jamrock cruise right after then Canada 🇨🇦 the following week. Trust mi I’m not here to fight for the invisible crown I’m Making moves one step at a time. Some a unu egotistical hypocrites a talk bout a pure slackness mi sing just answer which female sung the most slack songs in dancehall history ? When I sing good songs they don’t even get played but as mi sing a slack song a it unu know. Haters can’t bring me down Same thing unu did do Bob Marley unu never claims him or highlight him until he became international but trust me I’ll work hard enough to see the bandwagonist. Too much bitterness in dancehall mi soon left it and go do hip hop,” she added.

Beenie Man has since responded with a video claiming he didn’t say anything negative towards Spice in his interview.

Source: The Tropixs

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