Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Might Join ‘Suicide Squad 2’


Warner Bros. may have found a secret weapon for its “Suicide Squad” sequel: Dwayne Johnson.

The action star has been set to play DC Comics supervillain Black Adam for multiple years now, but we have yet to see him on screen. That may change come “Suicide Squad 2,” The Wrap reports. Sources tell the publication that the plan is for him to appear in the film.

The sequel’s plot reportedly revolves around the titular squad trying to track down a weapon of mass destruction. This isn’t any old weapon, though; it’s said to be Black Adam, yet another popular DC antihero.

Johnson previously teased that they had big plans for introducing his character. He told Fandango in May that it would be a “really cool surprise.” So far, that promise seems to be spot-on. “Suicide Squad 2” already has a great cast with the likes of Will Smith and Margot Robbie, among others, so Johnson’s involvement would only add star power. While his role hasn’t been confirmed yet, if he does indeed make his DC debut, it may be a new draw for fans who were disappointed by “Suicide Squad.”

“Suicide Squad 2” is set to kick off production in October 2018, and then will likely open in theaters in 2019.

Source: Moviefone

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