Caribbean Airlines to be Streamlined


There is to be more streamlining at Caribbean Airlines (CAL) in the wake of instructions from a Joint Select Committee of Parliament in Trinidad for the entity to fine tune its operations.

On the issue of retired pilots who are on contract, still being paid premium rates and given seniority over other pilots, Chairman of the Joint Select Committee, Senator David Small, recommended that this be stopped.

He said this only served to crowd out junior pilots.

Small said Caribbean Airlines should undertake all necessary actions over the next six months to complete the process of retirement of all position holders over 60.

The Committee Chairman wants Caribbean Airlines to introduce a mentorship programme between senior and junior pilots to ensure sufficient knowledge transfer.

He said CAL has also been advised to take immediate steps regarding the recovery of any taxes due from staff members who have utilised the cockpit “jump seat” privilege in an excessive manner.

Despite all this, Senator Small said he would not give the airline a failing grade since he believed CAL can be saved.

Source: Caribbean News Service

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