Instagram Finally Lets Users Follow Hashtags


Instagram users can follow celebrities, friends, brands, and creepy pets, but there was never a way to follow their favorite hashtags. Until now.

On Tuesday, the social media platform introduced a feature that makes it much easier to curate your feeds based on your preferences and interests. The update basically allows you to follow a specific hashtag—like #streetstyle, #WCW, and #ballscape—the same way you follow an individual account. All you have to do is search the hashtag on Instagram’s explore field, click on the “follow” button, and you’ll then be presented with posts and stories marked with the specific hashtag.

If you’re concerned your feed will be flooded with low quality, random posts, don’t worry. According to The Verge, Instagram will use its algorithm to present the best and most relevant posts based on likes and your activity. Don’t think you can rack up views by piling on a bunch of hashtags. It won’t work.

You can learn more about the new feature in The Verge’s video below.

Source: Complex

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