Jay-Z Brings Cancer Survivor on stage


Jay-Z halted his show in California on Saturday to bring a young fan onstage after learning she had beaten cancer not once, but twice.

The rapper paused to read Christina Cruz’s home-made sign, which said: “I Beat Cancer 2X 2 C U! I LOVE U!!! SELFIE OR HUG?”

“You beat cancer twice?” the star said. “I gotta give you at least a hug.”

He then brought the woman up on stage and posed for several photos with her, as the crowd cheered.

“This is exactly who my message was for,” he told the audience.

Throughout the weekend, Christina took to social media to recount the “best night” of her life.

“I can’t believe he pulled me on stage and I got to hug him not once but twice!” she said on her Instagram account, which has since been made private.

“Meeting Jay-Z was a dream come true,” she told BBC News. “Even better than I could have imagined.”

Cruz said she’d been overwhelmed by all the “love and support” from fellow fans after the concert, and was “still in shock”.

Source: BBC

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