Alkaline US Media Endorsement Upsets Vybz Kartel Fans


Alkaline got a major endorsement by United States media giant Black Entertainment Television (BET) for his 24th birthday on Tuesday.

The company took to their official Twitter account to give the Vendetta deejay a shoutout on his big day. “Big up to #Alkaline on his earth strong! #HBD,” they wrote.

However shortly after screenshots of the post began to spread on social media, particularly Instagram, Vybz Kartel fans refuted the claims citing that it was fake.

“Big photoshop, how mi guh pan dem Instagram page ano see it? it a fake BET unu a post,” one fan wrote, the comment then argued a legion of Alkaline fans who showed receipts while labelling Gaza supports as badmind, “Unu just dunce and fool suh!, weh unu a badmind the man fah? its one Twitter do your research before you post dumb comments.”

Source: The Tropixs

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