Dancers Marvin The Beast And DHQ Nickeisha Officially Call It Quits On Relationship


Marvin The Beast and DHQ Nickeisha have officially ended their relationship.

The dancing power couple and Dancehall duo who goes by the named ‘M&N’ called it quits recently after months of denying breakup rumours.

According to sources close to Marvin The Beast And DHQ Nickeisha, this time its over for good, “A normal thing fi dem [Marvin & Nickeisha] lef and make up back up there is no turning back after this, everything done fi real now,” the source said, “Marvin doah know how fi treat real woman good.”

Checks made to their Instagram accounts also revealed that the two stopped following each other and deleted their photos together.

The boiling point in their longtime relationship reportedly happened earlier this week when Marvin performed with exotic dancer and former Vybz Kartel ‘Teacha’s Pet cast member New York.

Social media users began to speculate that the two were an item after he uploaded a raunchy photo of the stripper on his Instagram account and wrote, “I can’t lie I have a Great time last night it was sooooooooo🤗special🤗😍🤗😍🤗@itsherNewYork 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌#beast #marvinthebeast.”

Dancehall fans quickly blasted Marvin saying the post was disrespectful to his now-ex-girlfriend Nickeisha.

Marvin then responded with a lengthy post, read below.

Marvin The Beast And DHQ Nickeisha’s breakup comes just weeks after they refuted rumors saying they are ‘stronger than ever’ and decided to stay lowkey to project their children.

Source: The Tropixs (Link 1/Link 2)

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