Jah Cure Gets Backlash For Calling KFC ‘Official Dog Food’


Jah Cure has received heavy backlash for calling Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) ‘official dog food.’

The Reggae superstar took to social media earlier this week to upload a video of a near  empty bucket of chicken, labelling the popular fast food restaurant chain as ‘poison’ claiming it is the ‘number one killer in the world’

Jah Cure also blasted lemon-lime flavoured non-caffeinated soft drink 7 Up citing that it will ‘kill you up seven times.”

The video has since been making rounds on social media however Dancehall fans aren’t buying into the Grammy-nominated singer’s rant as they say asked “Why buy it if its poison?,” others also pointed out that Jah Cure only had harsh words to say after he enjoyed the meal, “Fake dread shut yuh sh*t, yah run off yuh mouth afta yuh dun nyam the food.”

Check out the video and comments below.

Source: The Tropixs

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