Safaree Samuels Hospitalised Due To Dehydration


Safaree Samuels was hospitalised due to a serious case of Dehydration.

According to reports, the Jamaican rapper, songwriter was extremely dehydrated to the point of exhaustion after making a record number of appearances in the past month.

In a photo uploaded online Tuesday night, the ‘Stunt Gang’ rapper can be seen sitting upright in a hospital bed in the company of a relative.

Safaree has been busy since his nude photos leaked on Twitter a few weeks ago however sources assured fans that he is doing well.

“Safaree is good man, he is aight, just need to drink some more water and get some sleep, that man has been working nonstop over the last few weeks making club appearances, recording, and shooting videos,” the source said.

Get well soon Safaree.

Source: The Tropixs

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