Woman Calls Out Jah Cure For Allegedly Disrespecting Her


Jah Cure came under fire last week by a woman on social media who claims he disrespected her.

According to her, she saw the Grammy-nominated singer in her community while on her way to a local shop to buy sweets for her child.

The woman claims Jah Cure then offered to pay for it and gave her JMD $500 however instructed her to bring back his correct change after the purchase.

A seemingly irate mother, immediately took to her Facebook account blasting the Cure claiming she left disrespected by him and wasn’t “frighten over his $500” because she has worked way more than that in her lifetime.

The post which went viral, received mixed reactions for Dancehall/Reggae fans online, “This is why mi nuh chat up to dem local artiste yah eno and when mi see dem mi tun mi head straight wah 5 bills can buy? the dutty rasta a ask back fi change,” one user wrote.

However others defended the “Unconditional Love” singer’s actions, “Yo Jah Cure might all did a run joke eno, it nuh suh serious fi yuh a post this online smh,” one user wrote, while another added, “Seriously? Which Jamaican you know don’t ask back fi dem change? Bring back the man change.. argument done.”

Source: The Tropixs

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