Christopher Martin’s Alleged Grandmother On The Street Begging For Help


A video has gone viral on social media of an elderly women who claims to be the grandmother of Dancehall/Reggae artiste Christopher Martin.

The heartfelt video of the ‘Big Deal’ singer’s alleged grandmother surfaced online on Sunday.

In the clip, the woman claims Martin has failed to support her because she refuses to live under his roof, “Him (Christopher Martin) tell mi seh mi affi come live up a him yard and then mi can get everything,” she said while sitting on the street.

Its unclear if the woman is related to the popular entertainer however that did not stop social media users from sharing their views on the topic.

“Omg this is pure wickedness, she doe not deserve this,” one user wrote. “These old folks are set in there ways at their age they are very stubborn, they rather live that way, you cannot get them to hear or do what is best for their well being just a taught.”

Meanwhile, others demanded more information before passing judgement, “There is always two side to a story, i will not bash Martin until i hear all the facts.”

“You Mr Christopher Martin if this is your grandmother is will no longer be supporting your music,” another user added.

Christopher Martin is yet to respond to the rumors. Watch video below.

Source: The Tropixs

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