Spice Shares Why She Disrespected The Police At Reggae Sumfest


Spice is finally sharing what happened during her Reggae Sumfest performance after she reportedly threatened a police officer.

The newly crowned “Queen of Dancehall” was tight-lipped on the situation following her stint last week Friday during the week-long festival, however decided to share what happened after Skatta Burrell issued a publicly apology.

“I Was trying to make this pass but since most of my fans are still concern as to what exactly happened Reggae Sumfest during my Under Fire set,” she wrote.

“I just want to first accept @skattaburrellapology and also to say big respect to Joe Bagdonovich who called me personally to apologise on-behalf of the security team. I also would like to apologise to the entire Police force for my statement. I was being obstructed to enter on stage with my dancers who were all banded correctly for the stage and so I was in a big argument with a security before I even entered on stage.”

“Sometimes I feel like security have strength for female artist because I had only 15 people for stage and most other male artist had over 50 and wasn’t even checked before entering stage. Most people don’t know what females go through behind the walls but this is just a glimpse of behind the scenes,” Spice continued.

“No one knew how frustrated I was entering stage nor during my performance as I was trying to please my fans as usual. However when I saw the yet again hostility from the security with my team I exploded. I was even more upset when they tried to stop the fire breathers because my props were approved by the Sumfest team. Mi can’t bother fi type out every thing 🤣 but to whom it concern who saw what happened I apologise for all the expletives and for my outburst. Now let’s all go back to having a #smurferific day 💙💙💙MEET ME THIS SATURDAY JULY 28th at Oneil’s place car park for my birthday party 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾by the way @skattaburrell mi ago need the helicopter 🤪. Mi a save dah video yah,” she added.

Source: The Tropixs

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