The female rapper Cardi B Demands At Least 300K Per Show!


The rapper Cardi B is making no joke when she says she’s not leaving her nearly 2 months old daughter’s side, the young mom is demanding at least $300,000 for any show right now.

She refuses to leave her baby’s side for some ‘petty cash.’ She also said Any promoter who wishes to book Cardi for a show right now has to dig into their pockets if they expect her to come out her house. Money is not the only criteria you have to meet if you want to book Cardi now though, she really means it when she says she does not want to be far from Kulture. Another criteria you need to meet in order to book Cardi is that you event needs to be close to her current home and she’s living on the outskirts of Atlanta with her husband and daughter.

Source By: feedly

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