Bermuda To Give English Test Before Work Permits Issued


Home Affairs Minister Walton Brown has confirmed the Progressive Labour Party (PLP), Government is considering the introduction of an English test for work permits.

Brown said consultation on the English exam proposal is under way and tests could be introduced before the end of the month.

“The English-speaking work permit policy is in circulation to key stakeholders for consultative purposes,” Brown told a news conference on Wednesday.

“The deadline for feedback is October 12. Depending on the extent of the feedback, I expect that this policy will be implemented by October 19.”

The policy would require anyone from a country where English is not the first language to prove they have passed English as a second language exam to get a work permit for some positions.

Brown said the focus would be on industries where staff have to deal with the public and jobs in which lives could be put at risk if a worker did not have a good command of English.

Those positions include restaurant and hotel staff, health professionals, caregivers and nurses.

“Under this policy, the Department of Immigration would investigate complaints from members of the general public that work permit holders cannot speak or understand English.

“In circumstances where the individual is already working in Bermuda and where a complaint is lodged against them, they will be brought into the Department of Immigration and given an English language test.If the employee fails the test, they and their employer will be given 14 days to provide a written response as to why the minister should not revoke their work permit.”

Brown said costs of the tests would be covered by the Government, adding that Government can recall employees for retesting. But he denied the new system would open the doors to harassment.

“I think we will deal with all of these matters carefully and make assessments going forward. We will be very careful in how we process these applications.”

The draft policy also said that when a work permit holder arrives in Bermuda as a first-time resident, HM Customs and Immigration officers can return them to their place of origin if they believe they cannot speak or understand English.

Brown said Government was still at work in a bid to create comprehensive immigration reform, adding: “We have come to a position on a number of key issues involving mixed status families and we will be unveiling that in due course, in the next few weeks.”

Source: Jamaica Observer

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