Ishawna Hit With Backlash After ‘Baby’ Comment


Ishawna sent tongues wagging on social media over the weekend.

The controversial Dancehall entertainer came under fire after she uploaded a video saying that pregnancy wasn’t in style for this Christmas.

“Baby not wearing for Christmas,” Ishawna can be heard saying in the clip while eating. “Maybe by next year baby wearings come back in… but right now it nah wear.”

According to the “Equal Rights” singer good body and lace front wigs were the things ‘wearing’ for Christmas.

Ishawna’s comments angered several Dancehall fans who chimed in the comments, “She a taste har mouth too much lmfaoo and since when is being pregnant is a fashion statement ? Mi cyah bother,” one fan wrote. “She so fucking fool baby could a wear,” another added.

Ishawna has since deleted the video from her Instagram account. Watch below and check out the comments.

Source: The Tropixs

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