New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Who Dis’


Chris Brown drops his long-awaited track “Who Dis,” which finds him in a predicament when his girl discovers he’s cheating. “She be like, ‘Who dis bi-h all up in my house?’” he asks. “Why she hidin’ behind the couch?”

Breezy boasts about his player ways (“Can’t even play like I’m innocent / Every night I f-k a different bi-h”) before coming to a realization: “I should’ve known better / Gon’ teach me a lesson.”

“Who Dis” follows “Undecided,” the lead single off his upcoming album Indigo. He also recently shot a dance-centric video for “Back 2 Love” following his arrest in Paris last week.

Brown has filed a defamation lawsuit against the woman who accused him of rape and is also once again selling T-shirts inspired by the incident. The tees feature the phrase “This Bitch Lyin’” and are available for $38 on his Black Pyramid Clothing website.

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