Bounty Killer & Beenie Man Set To Clash At Reggae Sumfest 2019


Bounty Killer and Beenie Man are confirmed for this year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest.

The Dancehall veterans will revive their classic rivalry as they are set to perform onstage together on July 19th, having set aside their differences recently, it will be a friendly affair.

“Beenie and Bounty are icons of Reggae Sumfest,” Cordell “Skatta” Burrell, of fest organizers Downsound Entertainment told Rolling Stone Magazine. “Known for their high energy, witty lyrics and outstanding stage presence, they will perform tune for tune, singing songs from different genres through the ages. They will show everyone the skill and talent that’s kept them at the top of the dancehall scene for over two decades.”

Earlier this month Bounty Killer shared a heartfelt message about his longtime beef with Beenie Man and explained why he has been showing love to him on social media.

“2003 Its A Party at Polo Club I told Ennis and the securities not to let Beenie in my party Beenie cuss off the security dem and returned with a Polo Club Membership Card get into the party and ended up on stage deejaying the morning too what a heart and when my father died 09 he was at the ninth night and funeral too in this pic here it was 2012 March 4th my mom ninth night the worst days of my entire life he was there and at the funeral also unuh know all who and who that I helped and mama prayed for regularly didn’t turned up.”

“They said in death and grief that’s where u know ur real true friends not in the festivities and the celebrations but as a rival he had supported me way more than half of the ppl I gave the platform he maybe not be my closest bredrin since I don’t know his phone number or where he lives we both have our ways at times but he is truly a friend indeed when truly indeed Salute Greatness Kabooom full transition,” he continued.

Source: The Tropixs

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