Spice and Nikki Z Ends Beef, Share Smiles At Reggae Sumfest


Spice and Nikki Z are back on good terms.

The two shared smiles and even conducted an interview on Friday night at Reggae Sumfest. “Some will say it’s photoshopped  but nah, just two grown ass women being grown ass women …. love me some Spice,” Nikki Z wrote under a video of the two.

Last year Spice called out Nikki Z for defending popular online podcast host Orane ‘Naro’ Hart following their viral exchange at her ‘Captured’ Mixtape launch party in Kingston.

In a post uploaded to her Instagram account, Nikki Z said that Spice should’ve been the bigger person in the situation, a move which evidently angered the Dancehall star.

The “Romantic Mood” singer then shared that she would be degrading Nikki Z for a week online, “Nikki Z i am going to degrade you for one week not a year and i hope you be the bigger person and sit back nice and take it with class and don’t lose your morality.”

Source: The Tropixs

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