Romeich Major Buys Mother 40M House In Florida


Romeich Major came through with the Motivation Monday in a big way this week.

Yesterday (July 23), the popular Businessman, artiste manager and producer announced that he had bought his mother a house in Tampa, Florida.

“You know these are the reason I work so hard,” he wrote. “To make my family comfortable and happy!! after being Mommas boy for 34 years, Mommy P migrate and gone leave me but i’m still keeping [her]happy.”

“Just bought her a HOUSE IN Tampa, Florida. As long as I am alive she and Xzander will never be short of nothing,” he continued.

Romeich Major reportedly dropped $280,000 USD (an estimated $37,790,200.00 JMD) along with a few closing costs. The business mogul currently manages three of Dancehall biggest talents, Shenseea, Ding Dong Ravers and Uptop Boss Teejay.

Source: The Tropixs

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